PPR Pipe Fittings Common Sense And Misunderstanding

Table of Contents

Specifications for PPR tubes

Current, WE ARE IN THE MARKET COMMON PPR CONDUIT DIAMETER IS NORMALLY 25MM (COMMONLY KNOWN AS 6 IN CHARGE), 20MM (COMMONLY KNOWN AS 4 IN CHARGE), THIS IS THE SPECIFICATION THAT IS OFTEN USED IN THE HOME OUTFIT, AMONG THEM 6 IN CHARGE OF THE use CAN BE A FEW MORE. General pipe specifications, wall thickness and other information will be marked on the pipe wall, users can choose according to the information, combined with the actual needs.

The distinction between hot and cold water pipes

The difference between hot and cold water pipes, also is a problem that is often talked about. On the pipe wall, the hot water pipe is generally marked with red line, and the cold water pipe is marked with blue line. The hot water pipe is thicker than the cold water pipe, the performance of pressure and high temperature resistance is better, and the stability is higher in the high temperature environment, but there will be brittleness in the low temperature condition, there is a certain chance of damage; Cold water pipe, on the contrary, has good toughness at low temperature, but its strength is greatly reduced at high temperature and it is easy to deform. In non-extreme cases, the hot water pipe can be used as the cold water pipe, and the cold water pipe cannot replace the hot water pipe.

About the color of the PPR tube

Pure PPR raw material, in fact, is colorless and transparent, but if the water pipe is also colorless and transparent, in the process of use, there is no cover to the light, algae and bacteria will grow in the pipe, thereby polluting the water quality, accelerating the aging of the water pipe, affecting the service life of the water pipe. Therefore, the manufacturer will use the color master, to color the water pipe, to enhance the antioxidant and photostability of the pipe. The difference in color is not directly related to the quality of the pipe.

About water pipe Welding

The welding of pipe fittings affects the service life of water pipe, which is very important. Water pipe uses hot melt welding technology commonly, with professional hot melt equipment to heat pipe fittings to 260℃ or so after the connection.

PPR tube is more and more used, has become an indispensable part in many families. Yifan Pipe industry is also committed to providing customers with high-quality PPR pipe fittings and other products with a rigorous attitude and the concept of excellence. For more information, please follow us